BUTTER is the platform token for ButterSwap and can only be mined in ButterSwap via LP mining (in Farms) and BUTTER staking (in pools).
For fairness considerations, BUTTER will not be minted before genesis mining, hence all investors get an equal chance of getting BUTTER. The first ever BUTTER was minted on 2021-6-16.
ButterSwap team did not pre-mint any BUTTER token before launching.
BUTTER is minted as block number increases. In the future, reward per block may decrease after board voting. The history of reward per block changes is as follows:
Reward per block
HECO:3, BSC: 3
2021.11.26 ~ TBD
Reward per block
HECO:6, BSC: 6
2021.10.29 ~ 2021.11.26
Reward per block
HECO: 24, BSC: 24
2021.10.22 ~ 2021.10.29
Reward per block
HECO: 120, BSC: 120
2021.7.10 ~ 2021.10.22
Reward per block
2021.6.16 ~ 2021.7.10
Reward per block
0.05% of all transaction fee in ButterSwap's exchange will be collected in ButterSwap treasury, which will all be used to buy back BUTTER and burn, and for community growth. You can view the detailed BUTTER burn schedule here.
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