📙Terms of Service

Please read the following service terms carefully (Hereinafter referred to as “these terms”).

Please read all the terms and conditions of this agreement carefully and get full understanding of the contents of such terms and conditions before you register as a user of this website. The fact that you click on the “register” button or access and use this service indicates that you have a good knowledge and full understanding of the meaning of these terms and the corresponding legal consequences hereof, and you agree to abide by these terms and all the additional terms hereto, and agree to take these terms as the basis for determination of the both parties’ rights and obligations between you and [BUTTERSWAP PTE. LTD.] ([BUTTERSWAP PTE., LTD.] (Hereinafter referred to as “BUTTERSWAP.ME”, “our company”, or “we”). If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, do not access or use this service.

The relevant policies, rules and instructions of this website shall constitute the integral part of these terms with the same legal effect as these terms. BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves the right to change the contents of these terms from time to time, including but not limited to any policy, rule and instruction of this website. We will release the modified terms on this website in time and provide the “recent update” date at the end of these terms, or release the modified terms by any other means determined by BUTTERSWAP.ME. Any change will take effect immediately after the website is updated. You waive the right to receive the specific notice on such changes. The further use of this website and this service indicates that you accept such changes. If you do not agree to any change, please stop using this website and the service immediately. If you have any doubt about the user of this website, please contact support@butterswap.me.

These terms and additional terms are applicable to any service to be provided by BUTTERSWAP PTE. LTD., including but not limited to the website www.butterswap.me (Hereinafter referred to as “BUTTERSWAP.ME” website or “this website”) as well as the mobile application we provide. The entry into of the agreement on the relevant product to be provided by this website shall not affect the entry into force of these terms.

I.【Scope of Application】

This service shall only apply to the users aged 18 or above. You shall declare and ensure that you are at least 18 years old and have the capacity for civil right and capacity for civil conduct to enter into the contract with us and use this website and this service. You shall also ensure that you are not included in any list of terrorist organizations and terrorist activities personnel (Such as the list of terrorist organizations and terrorist activities personnel included in the resolution of the UN Security Council), and not restricted or forbidden by any judicial or administrative law enforcement agencies in any applicable judicial jurisdiction from utilizing any transaction platform. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not use our service; you shall assume any risk, responsibility and loss arising therefrom independently.

If you use this website or this service on behalf of an organization, you shall declare and guarantee that you have obtained the legal authorization of such organization.

II.【Content of service】

We provide a management platform of the digital asset; through the provision of professional digital portfolio products, we adopt the scientific and effective digital asset allocation mode, assist the investors at all levels to enter the field of digital assets, properly manage all kinds of digital assets, decentralize the investment risk in single digital asset, and enhance the overall benefits of the digital assets. The users can buy or sell digital portfolio products on our platform (Hereinafter referred to as “DAC”). The users must open an account prior to the commencement of the transaction (Purchase and sales), complete the identity authentication, and pre-deposit the digital assets. When buying DAC, the digital assets are needed for payment; the corresponding digital assets may be obtained by the sales of DAC. The users may recharge or withdraw their digital assets, but subject to the limitations of these terms.

The information available on BUTTERSWAP.ME website is only for reference, and users shall make their independent judgments and decisions, and take the decision-making risk alone. The information and content on this website may be changed from time to time and available to you at any time. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall not guarantee the accuracy, applicability, reliability and integrity, performance and/or appropriateness of any service or product provided by this website, and shall not take any liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, and the delay or failure in the information transmission. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no responsibility for the use or interpretation of such information.

Users must prepare the following equipment and assume the following costs independently: (1) Internet devices, including not limited to computer or other Internet terminals, modems and other Internet devices; (2) Expenses for surfing Internet, including not limited to network access fee, Internet equipment rental fee, and mobile phone traffic fee, etc.

While accepting the services of BUTTERSWAP.ME platform, users agree to accept various information services provided by BUTTERSWAP.ME platform. Users hereby authorize BUTTERSWAP.ME to send the business information to their E-mails, mobile phones, and mailing addresses, and so on.

For the abnormal grading, market disruption, as well as other possible exceptions arising from the system failure, the network, hacker attack by DDos and other accidental factors, BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to cancel the results of the abnormal transactions according to actual conditions, and even cancel all the transactions within a certain period of time.

The handling charge shall be collected for some of the services rendered by BUTTERSWAP.ME. If the user uses the service subject to the handling charge, please abide by the relevant agreement. BUTTERSWAP.ME may make amendments and changes to the charging standard and mode of the service based on actual needs, and BUTTERSWAP.ME may also start to charge for some of the free services. BUTTERSWAP.ME will notify or announce on the relevant service page prior to the aforesaid amendment, change, or charging. If the user does not agree with the aforesaid amendment, change, or charge, the service should be stopped.

BUTTERSWAP.ME platform will not ask any user for the password, and will not ask the user to make remittance to any account and btc/eth recharging address not provided in the transaction center of this website; please don’t believe any information on discount and concession of BUTTERSWAP.ME platform, nor make remittance or pay the digital assets to the account and address not provided in the transaction center of this website, an BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no liability for any loss arising therefrom.

Handling of abnormal transaction: When using this service, the user agrees and acknowledges that this service may not be provided due to the problem in the connection of the digital currency network or the other irresistible factors. The user shall ensure that the information to be entered shall be correct; this website shall take no liability for damage if this website is unable to notify the user of the subsequent handling mod for the relevant transaction due to the occurrence of the aforesaid exceptions caused by the information error.

User agrees that based on the needs of the operation and transaction security, this website may temporarily suspend the provision or limit some functions of this service, or provide the new functions. The further use of this website or this service by the user shall be deemed as the acceptance of the reduction, addition or change of such functions, and BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no liability to the user as a result.

BUTTERSWAP.ME shall have the right to understand the actual transaction background and purpose of the product or service provided by this website, and the users shall truthfully provide the true, comprehensive and accurate information required by this website and this service. If BUTTERSWAP.ME has reasonable reason to suspect that users provide false trading information, our company shall have the right to temporarily or permanently to limit the functions of the product or service to be used by the user in full or in part, and the user shall undertake the risk, loss, and liability arising therefrom.

III.【Process and risk for transaction of digital asset portfolio】

The transaction or holding of the digital asset portfolio is likely to cause the loss to you. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the digital asset portfolio shall be transacted based on your financial situation.

1. BUTTERSWAP.ME cannot guarantee an orderly and stable market for digital assets. You should be cautious in the transaction of the digital assets (and any other assets). The price may fluctuate from time to time. You may be subject to the profit or loss in a large amount due to the price fluctuation. Any digital asset can fluctuate greatly and may even become worthless.

2. When using this service, if there is any error in user or the user’s transaction instruction (Including but not limited to price, quantity, and other factors), resulting in the loss on the transaction of the user, the user shall take the full liability for such loss.

3. The user shall assume any loss arising from the user’s fault, including but not limited to the failure to operate according to the transaction tips, the failure to carry out the transaction operation in time, the omission or disclosure of password, the cracking of password, the embezzlement of the user’s mobile phone, and the intrusion to the user’s computer.

4. When using this service, if the user generates the unjust enrichment due to certain potential bugs not discovered in the website transaction rules, BUTTERSWAP.ME will contact the user to recover, and the user must cooperate effectively; otherwise, BUTTERSWAP.ME will take the resource measures including but not limited to the limitation to the account transaction, freezing of fund in the account, and the lawsuit brought to the competent court. The resource cost incurred to BUTTERSWAP.ME due to the failure of the user to cooperate effectively will be at the user’s account.

IV.【Creation of account】

In order to use any service of this website, you must first provide your email and password to register an account and confirm the acceptance of these service terms. You agree not to allow anyone to use and know your account and password, and update any information change to BUTTERSWAP.ME. You are obligated to keep, protect and safeguard any has been provided to your password, access code, user ID, or other credentials and login information provided to you, or the aforesaid passwords generated by your use of the service (Collectively referred to as the “password”). If you lose your password, you may not be able to access your account. If the user password is lost, the password can be reset via the link sent by the registered email. The user shall immediately notify BUTTERSWAP.ME if he/she finds any unauthorized use of the user name or any other security bug. Despite of the aforesaid provisions, BUTTERSWAP.ME shall not undertake any liability, loss or damage caused by unauthorized use of your password.

You shall take the full and independent liability for all the activities, actions, and events occurring under your registered account; you shall not deny such actions nor claim for the exemption from relevant costs, obligations and responsibilities due to the embezzlement of your account and password or for any other reason.

V.【User’s rights and restrictions to use of permit】

Under these terms, we grant you limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable permissions to access and use BUTTERSWAP.ME website and use this service only for the purposes approved by BUTTERSWAP.ME.

You agree that:

1. The titles and interests in the interface, design, program, code, text, image, technology, identification and other contents involved in this website, including the copyright, patent right, trademark right, technical secrets and other intellectual property and related rights shall be owned by BUTTERSWAP.ME; BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves all rights not expressly granted under these terms. You agree that, in addition to the limited right to use granted by these terms, you may not use in any other way, nor reproduce, simulate, spread, distribute, sell, license, reversely engineering, modify, and publish any aforesaid content or object of right in any form, nor use any content to which BUTTERSWAP.ME has the ownership and intellectual property right in any other way.

2. The user can use this website and this service only for their own interests (If registered on behalf of an agency, only for the interests of such agency), and shall not transfer the rights or interests in this service, nor use the registered account for the business activities for the purpose of profitability.

3. This service is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.

4. This website reserves the right to query, freeze or deduct the articles of the user in the account and such account according to the requirements including but not limited to those made by the public security organ, procuratorial organ, court, customs, tax authorities, and other judicial organs, administrative organs, and military organs.

5. The user shall have the right to modify the modifiable information in his/her personal account at the time of identity authentication;

6. The user shall have the right to participate in various online and offline activities organized by BUTTERSWAP.ME.

7. The user shall have the right to enjoy other kinds of services provided by BUTTERSWAP.ME according to the provisions of BUTTERSWAP.ME website.

8. In case of any objection to the modification of the agreement, or dissatisfaction with the BUTTERSWAP.ME service, the user can stop the use of the online service of BUTTERSWAP.ME by deregistration of the account, or notify BUTTERSWAP.ME to stop the services for the user through the channels such as customer service.

After the termination of the service, the user's right to use the BUTTERSWAP.ME service is immediately terminated. In this case, BUTTERSWAP.ME has no obligation to transmit any unprocessed information or uncompleted services to the user or any third party without a direct relationship.

VI.【User’s obligations】

1. The user shall not use this website to endanger the state security, disclosure the state secrets, shall not infringe the national, social, collective and citizen’s legitimate rights and interests, and shall not make use of this website to make, reproduce and spread the following information:

(1) To incite to resist or destroy the implementation of the constitution, laws or administrative regulations; (2) To incite the subversion of state power and the overthrow of socialist system; (3) To incite the division of the state and undermine the national unity; (4) To incite the ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermine the national unity; (5) To fabricate or distort facts, spread rumors and disturb social order; (6) To give publicity to feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror and abet crimes; (7) To openly insult another person or fabricate facts to slander another person or engage in other malicious attacks; (8) To cause damage to the reputation of state organs; (9) Other violations of the constitution and administrative rules and regulations; (10) To conduct commercial advertising.

2. The user shall not maliciously register account of BUTTERSWAP.ME website by any means, including but not limited to the registration of multiple accounts for profit, hype and cashing. The user may not embezzle the account of any other user.

3. The user is prohibited from using BUTTERSWAP.ME in any form as a place, platform or medium for various illegal activities. Without authorization or permission of BUTTERSWAP.ME, the user shall not engage in any business activities in the name of this website, nor use BUTTERSWAP.ME website as the place, platform or media for commercial activities in any form.

4. If the user violates the relevant provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, violates any of its obligations or nay other provisions under these terms, provides false user information, logs in or users this service with any third party’s program, abuses the rights to impair the interests of this website or other users, or engaged in the other improper conduct, BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves the right to take all necessary measures directly, including but not limited to delete the information or content, suspend the service, freeze the assets, suspend or ban the user’s account, and require the user to compensate for the losses (including but not limited to require the user to make offset and compensation with the illegal interests obtained), and affix the legal responsibilities for the user through litigation.

5. Where the user takes the illegal or criminal act, or BUTTERSWAP.ME has evidence for reasonable doubt on the possible illegal and criminal act taken by the user, BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to freeze all the accounts owned by the user on this website and to restrict or prohibit the user to use all the functions of this website, and shall have the right to, in accordance with the anti-money laundering laws and regulations and other laws and regulations to take other necessary and reasonable measures. This website will actively cooperate with the police in investigation, and provide all the user's registration information and service usage information to the competent authorities, including but not limited to the name, ID card number, contact information, photo, service usage record and other information.

VII.【Service charge】

1. When the user users this service, our company has the right to collect the service charge from the user according to the corresponding rules. The main service charges currently involved in the platform include:

(1) Transaction fee. The user shall pay transaction fee for the transaction on this platform;   

BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to formulate and adjust the service charge, and the charging standard for the specific service charge shall be subject to the notice on charging mode as listed on the BUTTERSWAP.ME platform when the user is using this service or the other written agreements entered into between the user and BUTTERSWAP.ME (Including the agreement entered into electronically).

2. Unless otherwise specified or agreed, the user agrees and authorizes BUTTERSWAP.ME to deduct the service charge directly from the assets in the user’s account.

VIII.【Change, interruption, termination, limitation and freezing of service】

1. BUTTERSWAP.ME may change the content of the service, or interrupt, suspend or terminate the service; BUTTERSWAP.ME may also transfer any part or all of the services under this agreement to a third party for operation after notifying you unilaterally. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no liability to the user.

2. In any of the following cases, BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to interrupt or terminate the service provided to you without notice:

(1) You shall submit authentic information in accordance with the provisions of the law or these terms, but the individual data you provide are not true or inconsistent with the registration information and you fail to provide reasonable proof;    (2) You have violated the relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this agreement;    (3) According to the requirements of the law or the competent department;    (4) For safety reasons or other necessary circumstances

3. You can close your account from time to time; however, you are still obligated to fulfill your responsibility for any pending transaction. If it is suspected that you fail to abide by the laws and regulations, and these terms, posing the unacceptable fraud or management risk to BUTTERSWAP.ME, or you provide us with false, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information, BUTTERSWAP.ME may suspend your access services. BUTTERSWAP.ME can also decide to terminate your account at any time and notify you by email or otherwise. BUTTERSWAP.ME will not be responsible for any loss caused by BUTTERSWAP.ME’s suspension or suspension of services, closing or suspending your account and other measures.

4. The user agrees that for the safety of the user’s account and the digital assets therein, according to the provisions of these terms, and the provisions of the laws, regulations, and instruments, the requirements of the government for administrative functions and powers, and the situations possibly causing risks to user’s account determined by our company independently, BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves the right to freeze all or part of the accounts in the name of the user and the assets thereunder, so as to temporarily shut down the operation of access right to such accounts in full or in part. The reverse process of the freezing is unfreezing, that is to say that BUTTERSWAP.ME shall terminate the freezing of such frozen accounts. In case of the freezing, if the user applies for unfreezing, BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves the right to determine the unfreezing in full or in part in accordance with the above cause of freezing in these terms at its sole discretion; the user shall fully understand that it is not necessary to approve the application for unfreezing; furthermore, upon the application for unfreezing, the user shall cooperate with BUTTERSWAP.ME to verify the identity of the user, including but not limited to the identity information, ID card, passport, other valid identity documents and other information or documents required by our company. BUTTERSWAP.ME is not required to take any liability of compensation, indemnification, or other liabilities to the user for above freezing or unfreezing.

IX.【Conformance to your local laws】

You agree to abide by all of your relevant local laws as well as all the applicable relevant laws in any competent jurisdiction when you are using this website and this service. You are obligated to pay the relevant tax authorities the tax (If any) on the income gained from any transaction through this service according to laws. In addition, with regard to the prevention of the terrorist financing and money laundering activities, BUTTERSWAP.ME shall prevent the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing in strict accordance with the international anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing requirements, and will cooperate with local authorities. When using our services, you shall confirm that your actions are carried out in a legitimate and correct manner, and that your digital assets are not derived from or used for illegal activities. BUTTERSWAP.ME can control, limit or empty your account and digital assets as the case may be or in coordination with local law enforcement authorities.

X.【Privacy policy】

According to international practice KYC, when the BUTTERSWAP.ME platform operated by BUTTERSWAP PTE Ltd is providing services, we need to collect and maintain personal information. Normally, we will not disclose to any irrelevant third party any personal information on the customers; under the circumstances as described below, you allow us to disclose or use your personal information.

1. Collection purpose and use of data

You agree that BUTTERSWAP.ME may collect process and store the personal data submitted by you or formed when you are using this website or this service. These personal data may include:

(1) The personal information provided to BUTTERSWAP.ME when the user registers at BUTTERSWAP.ME; (2) The data at the user's browser or mobile client that BUTTERSWAP.ME automatically receives and records when the user uses BUTTERSWAP.ME services and participates in the activity of this website or access to the pages of this website, including but not limited to IP address, data in the Cookie of the website and the page record called by the user; (3) The transaction records and trace of use and other information formed when the user is using this website or the service; (4) The user’s personal information obtained legally by BUTTERSWAP.ME from business partners; (5) The user’s other personal information obtained through legal means by BUTTERSWAP.ME.

You agree that BUTTERSWAP.ME may use your personal data to communicate with you and manage, perform, improve and customize the personalized services for you. You also agree that BUTTERSWAP.ME may generate the general data from any personal data so collected and use it for our own purposes, including for commercial use. We can also use this data to communicate with you on other products or services provided by BUTTERSWAP.ME or by its partners.

BUTTERSWAP.ME platform makes the commitments that:

Without the legal reason or prior consent of the user, BUTTERSWAP.ME platform shall not disclose to any irrelevant third party (Except for the partners in association with the services of BUTTERSWAP.ME) the non-public information of the user such as the user’s password, name, and mobile phone number.

You agree that BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose your personal information in the following cases:

(a) BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose or use your personal information to identify and confirm your identity, or resolve disputes, or assist to ensure platform security, limit fraud, illegal or other criminal activities; (b) BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose or use your personal information to protect the security of your life and property, or to prevent serious infringement to the lawful rights and interests of others or to protect the public interest, or to protect the rights and interests of BUTTERSWAP.ME, agent, customer or others; (c) BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose or use your personal information to enable us to comply with the requirements of government agencies, including regulators, law enforcement departments and/or the judicial departments; (d) BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose or use your personal information for the third party providing service to BUTTERSWAP.ME (e.g. management or technical service), in order to provide you with the services under these terms, and other services approved by you (including the third party service); (e) If BUTTERSWAP.ME intends to implement merger and acquisition, restructuring, and to sell the shares and/or assets in full or in part, BUTTERSWAP.ME reserves the right to disclose your information to the parties related to the aforesaid transactions in order to assist BUTTERSWAP.ME to complete such transaction on the premise of entering into the confidentiality agreement with such party; (f) BUTTERSWAP.ME may disclose your personal information required for the purposes of performance of these terms.

In addition, we have adopt international standards in order to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, circumvention of trade and economic sanctions, so we are required to conduct due diligence on the customers, and you agree that we may use third party data and services for the cross comparison with your personal information and data.

2. Store your personal data

The personal data of the user we collect may be transferred and stored in the place other than Singapore. All the information you provide us shall be stored in the cloud security servers of our company or the third party.

3. Contact BUTTERSWAP.ME for privacy issues or concerns.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the use of your personal data, please contact us by sending an email to the following email address (Titled as “PRIVACY REQUEST”): support@Butterswap.me.

4. Modification to our privacy policy.

Any modification to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this website, and we have the right (but no obligation) to notify you via email. The use of our website and service by you indicates that you agree with our privacy policy.


The user shall indemnify and hold harmless BUTTERSWAP.ME and its agents (if any), employees, senior officers, directors, affiliates, subsidiaries and successor for any loss or damage (Including the loss or damage arising from the claim by the third party) incurred to BUTTERSWAP.ME and its agents (if any), employees, senior officers, directors, affiliates, subsidiaries and successor due to the violation of these terms by the user. Similarly, BUTTERSWAP.ME shall indemnify and hold harmless you and your employees, senior officers, directors, affiliates, subsidiaries and successor for any loss or damage due to the violation of these terms by BUTTERSWAP.ME, except for the willful default or infringement by BUTTERSWAP.ME. The upper limit of such indemnification shall not exceed the service charge you shall pay to BUTTERSWAP.ME under the transaction or service involved in the relevant default.

XII.【No guaranty, limited liability, and disclaimer】

1. As a third-party platform of the “network service provider”, BUTTERSWAP.ME platform does not guarantee that the information and services on the website platform can fully meet the needs of users. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no legal liability for any error, insults, defamation, omission, obscenity, pornography, or profanity that users may encounter in the process of receiving the service from BUTTERSWAP.ME.

2. Based on the particularity of the Internet, BUTTERSWAP.ME does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, not grantee the timeliness, continuity and security of the service, and shall not take any liability not caused by BUTTERSWAP.ME. BUTTERSWAP.ME makes efforts to enable the users to access and use the site in a safe manner, but BUTTERSWAP.ME makes no representation and warranty that this website or its servers are free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors; therefore, the users shall use the industry-recognized software to kill any virus in the document downloaded from BUTTERSWAP.ME.

3. BUTTERSWAP.ME is not responsible for the failure in the storage, modification, deletion, or storage of the information posted by users, and not responsible for typographical error and omissions, which are not intentionally caused by BUTTERSWAP.ME. BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right but no obligation to improve or correct the omission and error in any part of this website.

4. Unless expressly agreed in writing by BUTTERSWAP.ME, BUTTERSWAP.ME shall not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of any content and information acquired by the user from this website in any way (including but not limited to containing, via, connection to, or download from this website), including but not limited to advertising, and etc.; BUTTERSWAP.ME is not responsible for any product, service, information or data that user purchases or obtains based on the content and information of this website. The user shall take the risk caused by the use of the information and content of this website.

5. BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to delete all kinds of information in BUTTERSWAP.ME that are not in conformity with the laws or these terms, and reserves the right not to notify the user without any responsibility therefore.

6. For all the notices given to users, BUTTERSWAP.ME will deliver by the formal page announcement, in-site mail, email, customer service call, text message or regular mail. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no legal responsibility for any activity or information that is not received through the formal channels of BUTTERSWAP.ME.

7. BUTTERSWAP.ME has the right to adjust the handling charge rate for recharging, withdrawal, purchase, and sales according to the conditions of the market, and has the right to decide the termination of the free promotion period.

8. The user understands and agrees that BUTTERSWAP.ME provides the service in accordance with the current situation achieved based on existing technologies and conditions. BUTTERSWAP.ME will do its best to provide services to users; but BUTTERSWAP.ME is unable to foresee and prevent the legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, virus, Trojan, hacker attack, system instability, defect in third party service, government action and other causes that may lead to service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall not undertake the liability for damages if the system platform is unable to operate normally due to the following conditions, so that the user cannot user the services, including but not limited to:

A. The system shutdown maintenance period as announced on BUTTERSWAP.ME platform; B. Failure of telecommunication equipment to carry out data transmission C. BUTTERSWAP.ME platform system is prevented from carrying out the business due to the force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attack, and so on; D. The service interruption or delay due to the hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or outbreak, technical adjustment or malfunction of telecommunication department, website upgrade, issues in bank, temporary closure caused by government regulation, and other causes affecting the normal operation of the website. E. Interruption, loss of data, and instability due to the technical problems unforeseen or unsolvable by the existing techniques in the industry, and the consequential loss arising therefrom; F. Losses caused to users or other third parties due to the fault or delay of the third party (Including other users).

9. BUTTERSWAP.ME will take the reasonable and feasible measures at the existing technical level to protect the user’s accounts and data privacy, but BUTTERSWAP.ME cannot ensure that all the private communications and other information of the user will not be disclosed through the channels not set forth in this privacy rule; you acknowledge and agree to take the risk, and agree that BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no liability therefor.

10. Whether it is foreseeable or not, and whether it is the result of the action or inaction in any form, BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no liability for any special, indirect, punitive, sudden or any other damage (Including but not limited to the loss of profit or interest, and the monetary loss or other losses due to the disclosure of your privacy, the disclosure and embezzlement of your personal information, any failure to perform any liability including integrity or reasonable discretion, and any negligence and for any other reason).

11. Except for the willful damage caused by BUTTERSWAP.ME to your interests, in any case, the limit of the indemnification, compensation or any other liability to be undertaken by BUTTERSWAP.ME to you shall not exceed the amount of the service charge to be paid by you to BUTTERSWAP.ME for the relevant services.

12. This website may provide links to other Internet sites or resources, the user might be linked to the websites operated by the other operators; however, it does not indicate any relationship between this website and such operators. The websites operated by the other operators shall be managed by such operators independently, and shall not fall within the scope of control and liability of this website. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall not guarantee or take responsibility for any content, advertising, article or other information that exists or derives from such websites or resources. BUTTERSWAP.ME shall take no direct or indirect liability for any damage or loss due to the use of or reliance on any content, article, or service released by or obtained via such websites or resources.

XIII.【Governing law and venue】

These terms and the use of the service by you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. You irrevocably and unconditionally agree that any litigation or dispute arising from these terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in the place in where BUTTERSWAP.ME is located.


If any provision of this agreement is deemed as illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed to be severable and shall not affect the legal effect of any other provision hereof.


For any complaint, feedback or question, please contact our customer service at support@Butterswap.me. When contacting us, please provide your name and email address as well as other information that we may need to identify you, as well as the transaction information involved in your feedback or complaint.


These terms provide for a complete understanding entered into between both parties on your use of this website and this service, and supersede all the prior understandings and communications related to it. Any other document formed previously and inconsistent with these terms shall not be binding on BUTTERSWAP.ME. You represent and warrant that all the information disclosed to BUTTERSWAP.ME in association with these terms shall be true, accurate and complete.

These terms shall be explained and interpreted by BUTTERSWAP.ME.

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