In order to provide everyone a place to exchange ideas, information, or to promote your auction items, we plan to build a microphone platform.


  • Regular message: 100 BUTTER.

  • Broadcast message: 10,000 BUTTER for 24 hour rotating at the top.

If there are multiple broadcast messages simultaneously, all messages will be rotated for fairness reasons.

Please be responsible for what you say.

Pornographic, racial, political, insulting or any other inappropriate contents will be banned with no refund.

You can

  • Promote your ongoing auctions.

  • Promote new DApp that you love the most.

  • Advertise your product to the BUTTER community.

  • Give suggestions for better community development.

  • Give suggestions on better product design.

  • Anything you wish to share.

All the BUTTER revenue will be burnt immediately.

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