🎁Blind Box III: Avatar

Description: Avatar family is a special NFT family that serves as the first step of BUTTER towards #SocialFi. You can still use it in dinner tables to earn from NFT reward pool, similar to other NFT cards. Additionally, you can use it as your profile avatar that will appear in Auction Market, Microphone, and other social scenarios.

If you own an avatar card, you will be able to set your avatar to it. However, if you sell this card or send it to your friend, the avatar in use will be reset.

Card family: Avatar.

Price: 10,000 BUTTER.

Total supply: 10,000.

Family size: 4.

Number of cards: 8.

Special effect: Avatar.

Reward duration: 7 days, except that Plutus - Golden is 30 days.

Complete family collection bonus: 40%.

Discount for a single purchase of 10 boxes: 90%.

Card table:

Global Aura: if a card has global aura, it will boost all cards' energy of every family in every table by some percentage. The global aura of two same cards does not overlap. However, global aura from different cards can over lap.

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