🚀Launch Pad

The core function for DEX is exchanging crypto assets in a decentralized way. Launch Pad is a platform for new crypto project launching with various charming features, which helps new tokens get started and listed in ButterSwap and in return benefit the whole BUTTER eco-system.

Launch Pad Application: https://forms.gle/61Hf4Gy5HSUsVYfC9

Whitelist Round

A list of whitelisted addresses will be collected during the promotion period of the project by completing a list of tasks and some winners will be able to participate the whitelist round. Each whitelisted address will obtain a maximum quota of 100 USDT with no burning requirement.

Early Whale Round

The minimum purchase quota in this round is 100 USDT minimum per address. You can burn 20 USDT worth of BSC BUTTER or HBUTTER to obtain 5x quota.

For example, if you burn 500 USDT worth of BSC BUTTER or HBUTTER, you can get 2,500 USDT of quota. You will use the USDT of your quota to buy the launching tokens.

Early Bird Round

The maximum purchase quota in this round is 100 USDT minimum per address. The ways to obtain quota is the same as the early whale round.

Launching Procedures

Each project launching starts with an Early Whale Round, followed by an Early Bird Round. After each round, some or all of the tokens will be ready for you to claim, depending on the locking mechanisms of the project. If the locking mechanism is 33% immediately and 33% after each month, you will be able to claim 33% of your tokens immediately after, one month after and two months after the participated round.

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