Dinner Table

A series of nice dinner tables are prepared for you, on which there are 20 plates for each table. You can always unlock more plates using BUTTER. For all plate unlock fees, 10% will be burnt, 10% goes to ButterSwap treasury for board dividend and community growth, and the remaining 80% goes to the dinner table pool. In order for a NFT card to take effect, it must be placed in an empty plate. If a card expires, and it is stilled in a plate, all its family bonus effect and aura effect will remain.
Family bonus and aura bonus work across all dinner tables.
Each day, 6.67% of all the remaining balance of the NFT reward pool will be released to everyone who participate in the dinner table, with reward per block parameter adjusted automatically every hour based on global total energy and total reward pool size. Every user will share the reward proportional to their total energy. With more blind box sales, the NFT reward pool will become larger and larger. And the reward earnings of your table will increase too.

Dinner Table I: Monet's Garden

Description: If you can choose any place in the world to enjoy your gourmet French meal, where would it be? Besides Monet's Garden, we can not think of a better place. Imagine a comfortable table on the green grass, below the willow tree and by the pond where water lily floats...
Plate unlock price: 100 BUTTER.
Number of plates: 20.

Dinner Table II: Mount Fuji Sakura

Description: Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan. Spring is the perfect season to visit Japan to witness the beauty of Sakura in full bloom. At the foot of Fuji, enjoy your Japanese Cuisine with your family and friends. It is a blessing of the nature.
Plate unlock price: 300 BUTTER.
Number of plates: 20.
You have to unlock all plates in Dinner Table I before you can unlock Dinner Table II.

Dinner Table III: Golden Moon over the Sea

Description: The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and has been our company for billions of years. The moon relinquished sharp-edge cliffs at sea line; and with transparent gold, the waters shine.
Plate unlock price: 1,000 BUTTER.
Number of plates: 20.