💰ButterSwap Tutorial with TokenPocket

This guide is a recommended step by step guide for beginners to make the best of ButterSwap. TokenPocket is used as an example wallet here for the tutorial. However, other wallets, such as Metamask, Huobi Wallet, etc. are also supported, as long as they support Heco chain. Please refer to the detailed list of supported wallets for more information.

Step 1 Create Heco wallet and deposit tokens

Open TokenPocket app, click "Assets" in the bottom left, select "HECO Chain" and click "Add Wallet". Follow the steps to create your own Heco wallet and don't forget to back up your password and mnemonic.

You have to deposit some HT into your wallet for gas fee. And then deposit any other token, such as USDT, HUSD, or BUT for ButterSwap participation.

Step 2 Open ButterSwap DApp inside wallet

Go to "Discover" and in the top, type in "butterswap.me" and click "Go to DApp".

Click top right corner and click "Star" in the pop up menu, so that you can easily find ButterSwap in "My DApps" section next time.

Step 3 Connect wallet

Click "Connect" and select the corresponding wallet to connect (TokenPocket in this guide).

Step 4 Swap to get BUTTER

Go to "Exchange" section from the left menu

In the exchange, select from USDT to BUTTER, then you can use the USDT in your wallet to swap BUTTER.

Step 5 Add to BUTTER/USDT liquidity pool to get LP tokens

In the "Liquidity" section, add BUTTER/USDT pair, or other pairs of tokens, such as BUT/USDT, to get LP tokens.

Step 6 Stake LP tokens in the farms to earn BUTTER

Once you've obtained the LP tokens, you are ready to start yield farming in the "Farms" section. Stake your LP tokens to earn BUTTER and harvest or withdraw at any time.

Step 7 Stake BUTTER to earn BUTTER and get free CREAM

In the "Pools" section, you stake BUTTER in the first pool to earn BUTTER. For 1 BUTTER you stake, you get 1 CREAM token for free.

Step 8 Stake CREAM in the pools to earn partner tokens

In the "Pools" section, in the pools other than the first pool, you can stake your CREAM tokens to earn various partner tokens in the ButterSwap eco-system.

Don't transfer or sell any CREAM token. Before you unstake BUTTER, you have to unstake CREAM first. You have to return the same amount of CREAM in order to unstake the same amount of BUTTER.

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