⏰Auto BUTTER Pool

If you stake BUTTER in the auto BUTTER pool, the earnings will be automagically harvested and restaked (compounded) for you with the help of the auto BUTTER bounty claimers. Whenever a bounty claimer successfully claims the bounty, he is also helping out by activating the auto BUTTER pool’s compounding function for everyone. The bounty is 0.05% of all auto BUTTER pool users pending yield.

With the help of the community, the APR is higher than the manual BUTTER pool. Different from the manual BUTTER pool, staking BUTTER in the auto BUTTER pool does not produce CREAM for you, so there is a tradeoff you need to consider.

When you participate in auto BUTTER pool, similar to buying a fund from a bank, you are buying shares of the pool. The amount of shares will not change if you don't stake or unstake. However, the total BUTTER represented by these shares would increase , because the amount of BUTTER per share is continuously increasing with every automagical compounding operation.

2% of your total earning, a.k.a performance fee will be subtracted automatically from each yield harvest. By default, you should stake in the auto BUTTER pool for at least 7 days, and if you want to unstake earlier than that, there would be 0.2% of early withdrawal fee.

Both early withdrawal fee and performance fee will be charged in the form of BUTTER. 50% of these fees will be burned automatically. The remaining 50% will be sent to treasury account for community growth.

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