💡ButterSwap Intro

🍞 ButterSwap is the leading Automatic Market Making (AMM) DEX, Yield Farming, and innovative NFT platform. ButterSwap is dedicated to combine liquidity mining and NFT gaming concepts in blockchain, and provide a one stop DeFi platform for users that is both enjoyable and profitable.

ButterSwap uses fully open-source smart contracts, and implements the full stack of AMM, yield farming system, and NFT system to provide a one-stop DEX, liquidity mining, yield farming and NFT gaming platform for crypto investors.

BUTTER staking provides a place to earn more BUTTER by staking BUTTER. BUTTER will also be used for community decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). BUTTER holders can vote to decide new token listing, reward reduction, system development, etc.

Currently, ButterSwap supports HECO and BSC. In the near future, OEC, Polygon, ETH and other chains will be supported to seamlessly integrate assets across various chains.

We plan to launch ButterSwap in BSC / Polygon / OEC / ETH in the near future. We are working with AnySwap team for BUTTER token to cross chain. There will be board votings regarding some important system design decisions. The development and testing will be thorough and rigorous, so it will take some time. Our goal is to become one of the best DEX in the blockchain world, providing best experiences for token and NFT assets exchanges across multiple chains.

Below is the list of information page on different platforms:

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