1 Multi-Chain Launching

In order to provide users in different chains with seamless service, we plan to expand to multiple chains with the following plan.
10/22/2021 (✅Completed)
late 2021
Q1, 2022
Q2, 2022

2 NFT Market

✅Completed: NFT Auction Market v2.0 (late 2021)
+ With lower fees and better user experiences.
+ Launch in HECO and BSC.
+ Support fixed price mode, in which you can specify a fixed price of your NFT.
Open special sub-market for partners, especially for GameFi projects (on demand)

3 Blind Boxes in HECO

✅Completed: Blind Box IV: Frame (October, 2021)
Blind Box V: French Banquet Diamond (November, 2021)
Blind Box VI: Monsters (Q1, 2022)
More blind boxes will be designed and put to sale.

4 Blind Boxes in BSC

✅Completed: Blind Box I: French Banquet (November, 2021)

5 GameFi


+ Monster home (Q1, 2022)
+ Monster upgrade system by swallowing other NFT cards (Q1, 2022)
+ Monster battle system (Q1, 2022)
+ Battle rankings and seasons (Q1, 2022)
+ Monster breeding system (Q2, 2022)
+ Monster dating market (Q2, 2022)

Game2 (Q3 - Q4, 2022)

A stand alone app game to be introduced, with more details in later updates.


Community DAO is really important for DeFi project. We will have a list of important proposals for board members to vote, including:
1 Whether and how to launch new board in new chains?
2 How to improve board rules?
3 How does multiple chain users join board and collaborate for DAO?
4 How to increase board benefits?

7 SocialFi

Together with our GameFi development, we also plan to develop a SocialFi system. It is a continuous effort and there is no fixed time for its release, but the components will be released gradually, such as the avatar, frame, personal profile system, etc.
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