Smelter (in design)
In order to deal with the increasing inflation problem for BUTTER tokenomics, we have designed an interesting smelter game.
Each round of smelter game lasts for a randomized duration from 12 hours to 24 hours with different end time.
During the game, there will be two pools, a reward pool of USDT (or HUSD, HT, etc.), and a smelter pool of BUTTER.
The initial reward pool is provided by ButterSwap team, such as 10,000 USDT.
Reward donors can send USDT or other reward tokens to the reward pool, to make the reward pool bigger.
Smelter donors can choose to send BUTTER to the smelter pool, in which 90% of BUTTER will be burnt at the end of this round, with the remaining 10% being rewarded to reward donors based on their weights.
Smelter donors will also be rewarded with all USDT or other reward tokens in the reward pool based on their weights.
For both reward donors and smelter donors, the last 3 donation addresses in each round enjoys a weight bonus. The weight refers to the bonus coefficient of the amount of reward token or BUTTER donated.
The weight bonus in reverse time:
    First: 2.5x weight
    Second: 2x weight
    Third: 1.5x weight
The accumulated donation in the same round does not enjoy the weight bonus, only for the last 3 investment.
Periodically, we will offer USDT (or HUSD, HT, etc.) reward pools to burn more BUTTER with your donation and support.
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